A memory is just a moment that you remember.

Your wedding day is a unique day in that it is simultaneously the longest and the shortest day of your life. Once it starts it's time to hold on for dear life. In all the hustle and bustle it's easy to lose track of those moments you want to remember. But you needn't worry, because I am there.

I'm gonna give you your space, and I'm all for keeping things chill. But when your mom breaks down in tears when she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time, I'm there. When the officiant asks you if you do take (which of course you do take), I'm there. When your best man calls you out in front of everyone, I'm there. When the beat drops, I'm there. When your new husband helps you get your train into the car at the end of the night, I'll congratulate you both and shut the door behind you because guess what -

I'm there.

So if you're a romantic, if you get emotional easily and you love holding hands, if you're a dancer, a colorful character, if getting caught in the rain makes you laugh instead of cry, if you don't mind me tagging along -

Let's make some memories together.

second shooting with Jillian Zamora

let's work together