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I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my beautiful bride Lizbeth and our dog Gandalf the Grey.

I've been a professional photographer for over five years now, and the longer I do this the more I love it. Through photography, I get to tell the story of people's lives. When you hire me on as your photographer, I want you to understand that this isn't just a job for me - it is a privilege.

When I do your engagements, it is a privilege for me to be invited into your love story, to hear how your relationship began and to capture your excitement for what lies ahead.

When I photograph your wedding day, it is a privilege for me to get a backstage VIP pass to one of the best days of your life.

When I take pictures of your family, it is a privilege for me to be invited into your home, to capture those precious moments between you and your children. It is an even greater privilege to be asked back year after year to document how your children, and your family, grow.

When I take your portrait, it is a privilege for me to get to know you and show the world who you are.

I'm in this for the long haul. I want to be more than that one photographer you hired once upon a time for that one event-

I want to be your photographer for life.



“Jacob has taken photos of our family every spring and I am consistently amazed at how beautiful our family portraits are. Despite tears, tantrums, and wild, WILD kids, Jacob captures the very best (and craziest) of our family. I can see each of my girls’ individual personalities and character in their photographs and it makes my heart burst with joy.

I’m so thankful for Jacob and the love that is clearly evident his photography. The memories that he has captured for our family are priceless.”

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