The best thing about working with families is watching them grow.

I've been at this for a while now, and recently I was at the home of the D'Agostino's documenting what life looks like with a new baby in the house. I had just captured this heart-melting moment of a big brother loving on his new baby sister when I got incepted by this beautiful, mind-blowing idea and like a weirdo crazy person I looked over at Leslie and JT and uttered the following words for the first time:

"I want to be your photographer for life."

When I say "life" I'm talking about what real life looks like right now. Is your 3-year-old obsessed with playing in your parked car? Great - let's take some pictures of your 3-year-old playing in your parked car! Is it a rainy day and your boys love playing in puddles? Let's splash around in some puddles! Have you got a pet chicken? Get the chicken in the picture! Of course we'll take the tried-and-true family photos as well, but I don't just want to make y'all look good -

I want to tell your story.

And beyond the story of life right now, there's nothing I value more than being asked back year after year to do your family's photos. The year you find out you're having another baby; the year when big brother is old enough to read a story to little sister all by himself; the year your kid graduates high school; then college; then they're getting married, and having babies of their own, and-

(whoa whoa whoa, Jacob, just chill! Don't get ahead of yourself, give it 20 years and we'll see what happens, alright?)

It may sound sappy and silly, but my dream is to capture that moment where she's holding onto your hand for dear life because she's still learning to walk as well as the moment you let go of her hand at the end of the aisle on her wedding day.

and all the moments in between...

let's work together